Top 5 In The 505

by The Warlock




This Is My First Mixtape As Usual It Consists Of New & Old Lyrics Compiled Together! The Purpose Of This Release Is To Show Off My Lyrical Capabilities As Oppose To My Song-writing Skills.


released 15 December 2012

The Warlock



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The Warlock Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Warlock is a visionary, A one-man brand if you will. Entirely D.I.Y. he handles everything himself, from the album artwork, videos, writing, recording, and engineering. Although only avoiding the task of producing the beats, It's more than made up for with his infamously intricate lyricism which is never absent from his songs. ... more

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Track Name: Rhymin' Novelist
(Verse 1)
I'm not talkin' about twitter but you should try & follow this cuz I'm a rhymin' novelist who sees more pussy than a gynecologist yo my knowledge is on such a high altitude I'm 'bout to chew more than half the rappers out cuz dude I know that my rhymes are that of Einstein's deepest thoughts so yo you should know that I'm tryin' to have a fan-base to bump me in every damn state & country yo I roam the landscape just huntin' like i wild boar so I'm goin' ham no frontin' yo my fist are just like the amped bass just punchin' all the haters & shit & yo we ain't fadin' a bit so you can call me MPC cuz yo I'm makin' a hit & banging' the shit with such an impact that I won't be surprised when cats are entrapped by what our pen maps & voices capture to create this rapture that you can attach your strength to & give it everything it takes dude to try to help you break through but at the end of the day I just hope my shit's somethin' you can relate to & that's cuz I want the audience to feel my shit & yo maybe it could take you on a pilgrimage
Track Name: Top 5 In The 505
(Verse 1)
Top 5 in the 505 dawg you can ride or die hand me the mic & I will start writin' the tightest lines I ain't the type to lie it doesn't matter if it's night I grind or it's rise & shine dawg I'm one of the nicest I climb to make a name for I PRI read our rights before we decide to leave the site a scene of crime so ask & be denied if ya even try redefine our reason why my team & I will leave you with a bleedin' eye but believe me yo it could much worse rollin' in plush hearse after a pair of guns burst & you should be tellin' the young nurse what church you want your funeral under but yo you're not concerned with that type of shit cuz you think your life you'll live but it's your last night & it's predecided you'll die a bitch I don't even need to say it dude if you pay attention to the words you know exactly who it's dedicated to but if you're still mistaken I'll just say they need an apron cuz that's the appropriate item for you when you're bakin' but I won't sell you short cuz I'll tell you more whenever they're around me yo I'm always fuckin smellin's pork

(Verse 2)
Top 5 in the 505 & my flow is excellent but yo now it's time for me to showcase my penmanship & I'm a duke over a pack of lobos that are twice as dope as the average cats all the way down to the isotopes & yeah I'm speaking on molecules but I'm not a chemist & if your girls got curves I'll hit ya birdie like its tennis or is that badminton yo if you're wack listen cuz y'all currency counters are only cash driven therefore you're not in it for the right reasons so y'all more like some tourist because site seein' is all that you l'il lames are concerned wit' meanwhile I'm so deep in the art of emceein' paintin' a portrait is what I'm always doin' whenever I spit or put the pen to the pad but I'm not drawin' some shit unless it's a conclusion to your l'il delusions actin' like you're a master yo when a fuckin student of mine is somethin' that you're not even good enough to be & I even don't play it safe cuz I'm like fuck protective custody so you really must fuckin be straight garbage don't try to portray the hardest yo when rape charges is all that you'd ever be convicted of you could end up like that dude from SD with a missing tongue or findin' all your people in straight sorrow when your close fam is permanently blinded Ray Charles
Track Name: Blue Angels
(Verse 1)
Hey yo I'm comin' up to ya doorstop about to leave ya core shocked yo it's the muthafuckin warlock & I'm fresh out the tenement through your flesh pirhanas went but instead they were buckshots received from modest men who relieved all of sin but no promises I've been ignominious from destroying monuments no honor since my tolerance has been the modificator to change my humble nature into extreme behavior now I'm no longer only observin' now beef occurs when your serpent is lurkin' however desertion is worse than bein' cursed when submerged in burnin' permanently affirmatively yo you're churnin' in a sea of lava cuz I gots to leave an imposter dreadin' more than I rasta but that's too similar to how I'm caught up puffin' & bustin' so I'm eruptin' with somethin' that I've held back with for too long & yo I'll fold ya like a futon & I don't give a fuck if your crew's armed you dudes aren't gainin' my respect cuz we got the force of fighter jets so call us the blue angels dawg your crews lame yo so it's nothin' for us to let ya borrow a few halos
Track Name: Radioactive
(Verse 1)
Hey Nowadays rappers just stay in the same lane spittin their lame thangs actin' like they game change when in reality they just barely tryin' to maintain yo I hate when rappers front like they're the best when they ain't & yo I spent so many days training myself in all this shit this job's a bitch but I could never call in sick or not come with flawlessness & yo your raps are garbage bitch but yo regardless it's pretty normal these days very few are able to lead change & just shock the people like sting rays with their skills yo & the tracks that their makin' they need to put more in it effort like they're back in the basement but they're not so they stop puttin' as much heart in it & that's somethin' me & my crew won't do 'til we are finished I know that most these wack muthafuckas are gimmicks but my team be cuz yo we all live it

(Verse 2)
I wrote raps for years but never used the mic allot now but I gotta try to stop this fuckin writers block that's been plaguing me but yo I was made to be having everything you spit look so make belief cuz I know most of y'all are rappin' shit you ain't livin' cuz if all was really gangsta you'd be in a state prison but go ahead & keep milkin' that fake image quit actin' like popeye after he ate spinach you wanna be tough like spiderman but you're not radioactive & you make wack songs so you'll never be radio active
Track Name: Spittin' Heat
(Verse 1)
Hey yo I'm on that murder shit & you know it's certain kid & straight up you don't want me to take it further Bitch cuz yo my flow is hot as hell like a furnace is & will prove your worthless like a persons wordless verses is & you know that I had to murk this shit meanwhile yo you're still afraid of scratching surfaces like it's the flames of hell yo I wasn't made to fail cuz yo I'm just the type to always go & raise the scales kinda like a thermostat & ya know I got shit so hot it's burnin', churnin', & turnin' black so fuck roofs on fire I'm leavin' houses smothered in ash & I'm so smooth I make sure I always cover tracks

(Verse 2)
Yeah my raps are hotter than Rwanda or a fuckin sona you don't want me to explode like a volcano filled with lava I'm a dope rapper you'll get your skull fractured so don't ask who's the best in New Mex you know the answer it's PRI yo we top 5 in the 505 we bring heat & make the streets humid like a Friday night or southern-most Texas & yo the raps we spit are crisp yo just like a non-buttered toast breakfast ha & you know the lock is always on some straight ether cuz I'm always bringin' way more heat than a space heater so if we were to battle you'd get a 3rd degree soon & by the 2nd round be headed towards the emergency room cuz once i get goin' yo I cant be redirected so even with somethin' non flammable you wont be protected so don't make me throw a glowin' ember on your tongue yo my raps are more hotter than the center of the sun

& Yeah I'm spittin' heat like a flame thrower but you ain't colder so meet your defeat cuz yo it's game over
Track Name: Rap Rat Race
(Verse 1)
Hey yo you shouldn't wanna battle cuz I'd smash you you'd get ate like fast food or a cashew cuz in this rap rat race yo I'd lap you but yo dawg that even ain't the half dude I be straight up rippin it spittin it with some viciousness while you're just an impotent l'il faggot tryin to get a kiss from some l'il bitch yo you ignorant l'il shit in a minute I'd get her lickin my dick like a licorice stick alright now that I proved I got a better flow just let me dissect this muthafucka from head to toe yo you shouldn't be competitive cuz with that speech impediment you're puttin me to sleep like a sedative & I wasn't gonna say your name but Serbian phil needs to be learning some skill yo this nerd should be killed for even tryin to rap & actin tough at that yo this is the last time I'm responding to someone this fuckin wack ha for real yo you're a faggot you're not a good rapper cuz you use multi-syllabics yo that shit ain't impressive I had this won before I laid a sentence you're toast kinda like what I ate for breakfast ha yo I know that's corny but yo you ain't worth goin' all out for becuz of your lame verse it had like 2 decent lines you yo ain't beatin' mine & yo whoever disagrees yo they need to die
Track Name: Split Personality
(Verse 1)
Fuck republicans like bush & his government hearin' my flow's like discoverin' pots of gold snortin' oxy snow out of proportion like drinkin' acetone & gasoline fastening a magazine to where it attaches matches catches fire & leaves you in ashes hatchets are my melee weapon so stay steppin' if you wanna lay in a grave wrecked in & yo I don't play a protege is no exception

(Verse 2)
This rap game we revolted & yeah I wrote this punchlines like how I'll leave hell overpolted let my split personality get up in this realistically yo fuck a conspiracy theory cuz it appears to be merely much more than that I'll sort the facts & show how you're not supposed to but forced to act it's quite possibly hypocrisy the philosophies atrocity fuck generosity I'm feelin' animosity yo from the ferocity

(Verse 3)
It's The Warlock of Illustrious spittin' & rippin' & since it's wicked don't that think I'm kiddin' when I say don't be afraid of the dead cuz I run with 'em so know that I summoned 'em so keep testin' me bitch & you could be one with 'em cuz I could make you fade away while just goin' through your day to day cuz I could leave you & your label-mates all with yalls heart goin' at a fatal rate just like the effect of a muthafuckin 808 yo my flow's sicker than anal waste so you should leave before these bullets ventilate & penetrate yo it ain't safe to be at my mental state your like a feather while I'm a muthafuckin heavy weight
Track Name: Extraordinarily
(Verse 1)
Hey yo I'm barely wearily extraordinarily readily from my infidelity penalty steadily my melody's heavenly like a providence I have confidence in my ominous rituals the reciprocal with peripheral sightings of political blindings the minimal finding for the vast majority which leads to authority scornin' me horribly like I'm abnormally disorderly but I informatively planned it this rancid antic of runnin' rampid until I've noticed I'm stranded in a room covered in paddin' smothered & scathin' myself with my straight jacket I hate faggots I'm not talkin' about gay people I'm talkin' those who portray wackness but yo both can stay back it's somethin' I can live without & other than that yo I'm impossible to figure out like an indomitable equation my terminology's so amazin' on any occasion I'm preservatin' lost temptation of ostentation the cost to face 'em is of no constellation to my hockey mask so call me Jason Vorhees as I cut out your respiratory & leave your family stressed throughly so don't choose me to spruce things unless you want to be bleedin' profusely don't accuse me of spittin' it loosely cuz I'm tight with this rappers delight it causes disasters as I bring fright & immolate with my inner hate yo I eviscerate just to disparage I don't care if it's unfairness I'll still cherish your death cuz yo it's apparently fresh kinda like when you stare at the breasts of a voluptuous women or cuttin' & movin' the blade around like calligraphy dawg you ain't sick as me cuz yo I'm so cold it's like evil has stricken me & refuses to leave yo I'm true when I speak & I'll lead ya to your doom with your crew in a creek
Track Name: Staggering Raps
(Verse 1)
Hey yo fuck crowd pandering I'm channeling a phantom-being my raps are staggering at the last gathering I had to ring a neck like a wash cloth step to me & life's the cost dawg a sawed-off is what I'm bringin' a beating's what you're receiving from the pistol grip heat seekin' missile shit I've never resisted it permissiveness systemic arithmetic a wizard lit my articulate wording even while I'm perving I'm serving Internet artist who front like they're the hardest I'll garnish their garments harness with blood regardless of the charges I'm the smartest because if I carve this heartless image in your armpits or in the middle of your forehead it'll be leavin' ya more dead once the gore shed & my lord said to do it so I'll prove it to him as I do it again to you & your friends dawg it's true when I blend my thoughts that are gruesome with pen-strokes fuck lend hope I'll bring you to your end yo & you're too much of a pussy to defend so that's why they're always mad at you & because of my magnitude them no talent foo's need to try harder but they don't apply fodder I'm like why bother as I kill their granddaughter & then it's manslaughter so don't be the damn plotter of shit talk unless you wanna get socked I'm so pissed off that I'll beat you & leave you with no shoes so if ya see me stroll dude you better fold to your home true cuz I'll roll through your whole crew & those who will be shown how I'm impenetrable I never said it before so listen & let it soak cuz my rhetoric note is as sick as when thalophytic grows on ya toes & yo I ain't neutral I'm brutal & yo you're too slow & it might be cuz your a stupid l'il muthafuckin puto
Track Name: Disciple Apprentice
(Verse 1)
I spit like the apprentice of a streets disciple I defeat my rivals leave 'em fallin' in a steeper spiral then repeat the cycle cuz I seek a title yo it seems bleak I still try although there's numerous obstacles sooner it's possible when the moon has a vibrant glow a sight which most find this disclosed blindness a divine wish chose yo the mindless are those that think they can beef shit you can't compete with cuz I'm too on sequence in front of crowds you're speechless your less than intermediate I'll exceed you quick purposely unfortunately they grief once witnessing hip hop deceased but yo still I'm unrelieved cuz there's too many wack rappers I cast & lash raptures fast towards whichever direction whenever there's tension I'll dismember your henchmen & then be funded for my deeds on a regular pension

(Verse 2)
You'll get your cap peeled backwards flippin' I act worse sippin' like when the pastor's sinnin' yo my last nerve's twitchin' crazy like a rabbis bite wishin' my daily spite which has me lament & makes me kill without a sense of content relentlessly with a tendency to bemuse I'll reduce your weak crews my team & me can never be defused we bruise & never get hurt ourself the worst entail when I 1st impaled your hearse with nails to curse your stale team ya see I'll proceed to leave ya defunct when we dump & leave ya in half like a tree stump or maybe that's more than half yo I'll leave you with your organs slashed with a sword or staff cuz of course you're trash & after it all I'll torch your stash & force a laugh cuz yo I don't even give a fuck about your unimportant ass
Track Name: Excel To Sell
(Verse 1)
Hey yo when I was 12 my procedure was stealth & when I was 14 I felt that when I excel to sell you might be taken off the shelf but now I'm laughin' at myself like what the hell cuz yo dawg you failed you don't even have an album or record deal shit your catalogs like your street cred it doesn't even exist yo I grips & grasp the mic like it's the glocks again & I'm always leavin' my foes gaspin for oxygen so lay low cuz it's blasphemy to blast at me cuz I'll cause a fatal catastrophe & leave the crime scene with brutal casualties so never mention me because yo you'll become a past remedy so you better fen to keep in mind you don't wanna design a diss cuz mine will list all of your deficiencies & I'm so good at dissin' you'll be wishin' you could leave me with missin' teeth but yo I'll viscously be the one makin' your homies cry & reminisce after I decide to send a hit & have the buckshot shells eat at you just like piranha fish & plus I'll prolly die young cuz of karma kid
Track Name: Play To Win
(Verse 1)
Yeah warlock top 5 in the 505 this is real rap yo all them dudes are lying tryin' to act like their rhymin' but they're just wastin' their time & yeah you can go ahead & reply but on this mic I'm dumpin' put your hand down quit frontin' cuz we all know that you ain't reppin' nothin' but yo listen for the epode hypothesis when it unfolds cuz ya gotta die & yo why you gotta lie I know you're intrigued being hard's what you mislead yo you ain't at my league you shouldn't speak cuz I'm the champion so fuck the contenders victory against me can't be done so surrender you won't be remembered cuz I'm never hesitant to shoot I'll shatter your windows & dent your roof then I spent the loot on drugs just because & yeah yo plus your girls harder than you so it's nothin' to shoot one cartridge & slaughter your cartilage regardless cuz you ain't heartless like me & you ain't gangsta that's just what you wanted to be you've never been all in the street drawin' some heat & leavin' people dropped popped locked caught shot in a jeep

(Verse 2)
Top 5 in the 505 fuck a runner up I'm the only one I trust & yo the gun will bust when I'm having fun & plus it helps me take care of business so if there's a witness I won't spare to feed 'em clips bitch cuz it ain't like back in the day so if I'm actin' betrayed then you'll surely die yo I'll eat you like some curly fries or knock out one of your pearly whites & yeah bitch you heard me right & all you l'il nerds can die cuz I hate a snitch cuz they're fake & it makes me sick I'll break their hip or take a clip shoot their face & shit that's what frustration is cuz if ya call the cops I'll draw the glock & leave you all in chalk cuz the law is not gonna be able to stop me with their l'il bounty cuz I'll still goin' around the county & the towns surrounding cuz I aint afraid of them or a gang made of 10 I play to win so my chances of losin' are paper thin
Track Name: To The Top
(Verse 1)
To the top is where I'm headed so I'm planin' on spendin' tremendous amounts of attention until I've reached my suspension & then I'll be elevated & my level placement has been accelerated delegated yo I'm so educated that when it comes to the rap game I could renovate it & yeah I could never be decelerated cuz is where I should be but apparentally I haven't reached it yo but I'll be tearin' the scene I'm not arrogantly speakin' but yo I know that allot of these muthafuckas are tryin' to be reachin' but they try to claim some shit that ain't the case & I promise you yo that I ain't just savin' face cuz yo I'm always honest so they can call upon us if they need somebody whose already gone & trotted
Track Name: Can't Stop Me
(Verse 1)
Hey yo you can't stop me & I am cocky cuz I'm a bottle of Cristal yo your Carlo Rossi & i know that you're mad that you're not me cuz I'll be loved by my whole state like I'm rocky with so many punches landin' with the force of a fuckin cannon or a 100 full blooded stallions runnin' around & causin' a stampede while I'm rare & should be priceless like an antique except you're gonna have to pay if you want a verse I've caught the spirit of Christ yo like I've gone to church cuz yo I embody godliness with such confidence but the holy spirit always keeps me nonchalant & yo I'm sure that's just to keep me level headed so know if you step I'll leave you devils deaded cuz yo I got to go kinda like the pot I smoke I'm like Jordan in the 90's cuz I'm unstoppable

(Verse 2)
& yeah you should know that I can't be stopped I'm never out of focus like a great camera shot cuz I always gotta keep my full attention & your girl rode me like a bicycle with dual suspension what I mean is she felt suspended in mid air & the bitch called me nuts cuz she said I got a big pair cuz yo they always know me better than to call me crazy & I ain't fuckin the bitch if she's ovulating cuz at this point yo I don't need a kid & I don't fully trust a rubber so from the scene I'll split & if ya ask me to behave I just may crack ya leg like an egg & I don't play like Alexander I'm great & yo I'm soon to be a king like lianitus so in 300 hundred years yo they'll try to redefine us but yo only our story can't be exaggerated even if they animate it cuz we're too animated
Track Name: Diamonds
(Verse 1)
I remember when I was a kid & I started the rhymin' & for years yo I hardly was grindin' I went through phases darker than the arkham asylum but now my bars are sharp & they're harder than diamonds so you'll need somethin' intergalactic to cut through 'em I'm so advanced I make everyone look like a subhuman or maybe I'm just a different species when Christians see me they lose faith in Jesus & start to diss 'em freely cuz they think I'm the last nephilim or anunnaki but I'm a godly Aztec Indian so they cannot stop me but this ain't the jadakiss track I'm just statin the facts 'til I'm like Jay-z & I'm fadin' to black after layin' the blueprint I'm sayin' some true shit PRI yo it's not a saying a movement is what it is so you need to fuckin get with the program yo or just suck a dick
Track Name: Lunacy
(Verse 1)
Hey yo perpetual's intellectual & untestable to most so I suppose we're illegible & credible yo so know the relic is delicate like a celibate who's gonna get enervated once they're segregated & penetrated with bullets cuz I've demonstrated to the fullest as I pull it with preciseness incitement with a license to kill indictments are ill still they help my incisive & skill so yo know that I'm always hypin' at will whatever I feel cuz if I do it must be incredible while you're edible cuz you don't increase your level yo meanwhile I've been enhancin' fast & cuz of my passion for rappin' I've been steadily on a advancement you just can't be lackadaisical or satiable or think you'll always be on a stage below but that problem's savable & changeable you may think its unsayable but I'm unfadable & praisable cuz I'm greater yo

(Verse 2)
Hey yo you know it's me flowin' heat that's so unique & I hope that you're grippin' to it like a rosery & ya know it's sweet cuz yo it be poetry that sometimes tries to help create life just like ovaries but that doesn't mean I wont at all leave you with a broken jaw or drop you quickly like a roamin' call if you're odious like your homie was then go home & just think twice about re-approachin' us so don't go & think you can go & diss a friend or me cuz I have a hard time controlling this temper G cuz there's mo'e to risk for you cuz you remain the phoniest & lame & yeah yo only this contains my phraseology which is probably the best I honestly impress I'm just not a commodity I guess & that's prolly cuz I'm too unique so don't try to feud wit' me but if you do you must be sufferin' from lunacy
Track Name: Where Is Your Heart
(Verse 1)
Hey yo where is your heart I wonder if you let someone tear it apart dawg yo I swear I won't start pickin' at what you do cuz in this life yo all that type of shit is up to you so don't let anybody dictate your fate cuz before all that yo I'd switchblade a face
Track Name: The Finishing Line
(Verse 1)
Hey yo now that I've awoke & aged I'm past the phase of broken days being half loc half sage excelled me to devote my name cuz back in those days poor ways enslaved me to display total dismay but yo dawg ain't shit changed it's strange how 6 years later I'm still stuck with this pain I guess I'm just emotional & vulnerable & unambiguous kinda like an open road but I still steer try not to worry my peers & family while I'm goin' down this road gradually just tryin' to keep my ride steady as possible & tryin' to avoid most of these obstacles that are all laid out before me & yo I know that nobody can drive this vehicle for me but sometimes I wish someone could help me out & this verse is about life if ya need me to spell it out

(Verse 2)
I've carried weapons ever since I almost got jumped a snub nose & a pump I arose like a drunk they fell slow with a thump should've not got me involved I sought out to solve but they didn't believe what they heard so they received what was deserved I'm not even concerned with their lack of agreement they attacked without reason so I made 'em wish that they could take back that evenin' or at least re-enact their greetin' it's a catastrophe when you're on your back & bleedin' cuz sometimes takin' actions needed but yo that's no secret & on the real all of that is just a contemplation on what really happened & a route I thought of takin' but on the real I'm glad that I didn't cuz I can't be livin' stuck behind bars shackled in prison cuz yo that ain't the life for me my story can't end tragically but if it does that would be a fallacy
Track Name: Play My Songs
(Verse 1)
Hey yo all I ever wanted was a fan base but I swear that the harsh reality can taste so bitter when you know that you're a dope spitter cuz you got the lyrics but you don't know if the people wanna hear it yo this problem I wish I could clear it & leave it fast cuz I'm feelin' like everybody needs to blast my tracks & roll around but 1st I gotta hold 'em down in the studio & improve the flow yo I used to go to school & write raps most of the time anglely approachin' the rhymes & tryin' to use words I thought no one could find cuz I never heard 'em used before writing's what I was doing more than anything that ever amused me for a very long time like how I always thought that my rhymes made me fresh I can't front y'all I thought my raps were crazy sketched but all that time I was just takin' baby-steps

(Verse 2)
& yo honestly I'm thankful for every fan that I have cuz it's one of the few thing keepin' me from packin' my bags & just leavin' all this rap shit behind I know I said I'd never do it but yo in the time since I wrote that & this song is released allot of shits come up & really gotten to me & has me just losin' inspiration & dedication yo I gotta admit allot of it is from the hatin' both aimed towards me & mine directed at others & straight up yo if I didn't connect with my brother I prolly would've been suicidal again cuz my life has been goin' downhill since 2010 & although I don't write nearly as much as I should yo finally gettin' this shit out actually feels good I guess I just need to express myself more often before I call it quits & am prolly forgotten layin' in a coffin or just full of self-pity cuz I don't think allot of drive is left in me but yo hopefully for my sake I'm wrong but for now just sit back & play my songs